Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adventures in Packing

It was Tuesday afternoon. 
We were going to leaving for Idaho, for Thanksgiving weekend, early Wednesday morning. 
I'm not in the greatest mood ever. Tired, just wanting to finish up packing, and dealing with a sore shoulder... you know how it goes. Well, Dawson decides that he wants to come into my room to pack. He was so excited! He decided he needed someone to pack with. (He TOOK FOREVER TO FINISH. It seriously took him like all afternoon). :) He would run back and forth from his suitcase, in my room, to his dresser in his room, ask me advice and get distracted by my mirror plus his mullet ect. :) 
Anywho, I get done and I'm laying on my bed laughing inside as I watch him struggle to stay focused and not try all my necklaces on as crowns. Haha. :) A little while later, I leave the room for water, and as I come back down the hall I hear muffled talking. Like someone is buried. Well, I walk into my room, and come to find out, someone WAS buried. Dawson had gotten himself stuck in his laundry basket, in my room.... in front of the mirror. 

There's some zealous packing for ya! Hahaha, it made me laugh. ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


...And you'll be saying "WOOHOO!" every time.... 


Packing Party

What do you take the Christmas Season...

...lots of toys, games, socks, pens, pencils, and tooth brushes...

...put it in a box...

...and wrap it up?

An Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box!!!

On Tuesday night we had the Langleys over to pack our shoe boxes. 

It was lots of fun!

It's become a Christmas tradition for our family to pack them. If you don't know what Operation Christmas Child is, and you would like to find out so you can participate next year, click on this link. :)

Look at that face. 
"What? ...I put all the candy in the box... I did!"

Moriah was such a good little helper. :)

Yes, I was a little tired, and a lot loopy. ;)

This is the package that the sunglasses came in. 

I guess my mood was contagious. ;)

Trying to get a serious picture of us "smoking" our candy canes.

Ooo! There it is....

....and there it went.  :)

I think Brock was getting a little fed up with us. 

Happy Beginning of the Christmas Season!! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Out to Dinner

On Wednesday, November 9th, my dear friend Ashley turned 16! 
On Friday night we had her sweet sixteen birthday party. It was a blast!
We dressed up all fancy, and then went to the Thai restaurant for dinner. Mmm... 

The dresses, that Ashley, Jessica and Leah wore, were dresses that their mom's friend wore to her prom and dances in the 80's. ;) They we so cute! :)

I curled Bryanna's hair. Like it? 

Jess curled Leah's hair and it turned out super cute! :)

Ok, so you know how in the movie "The Little Mermaid", Ariel calls the fork she found a "dingle hopper", and combs her hair with it? Well, *sigh* all I wanted to do was comb one little tiny curl of Bryanna's hair with my dingle hopper. 
.... it didn't fly...

*English Accent*
We had a simply brilliant evening. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

barn dance

The night started off with bible study, and prayer and fellowship. 
Then afterwards, we had more fellowship. 
We danced. 

Joshua and I worked on some new Charleston steps, and finally got the turn down. Woo!

Brayden got a lesson in 6-count swing. 

Me- "Wow, you're doing great! How does it feel?"
Jacob- "Fine, but uh... *snort laugh* you've got a huge zit on your forehead". 
Joshua- "Ya, I think she's got a zit on her foot too.. yick". 

Seriously though Jacob caught on quick, and now we have another guy who knows how to swing! 

After about an hour and a half of swinging, Manny lost his ipod privileges from Ryan, Brock and some of the other boys... and Katelyn. I think everyone was tired of swinging and wanted to break out in whatever kind of dance they wanted! ;)

So, here's some pics of our "line dancing" which was Super Fun! :)

You stand across from each other in two lines, and when you get to the top, you dance together down the middle. :)

Peter had a great view of the festivities. 

Kara, Bethany and Luke took the pictures. :)

This picture reminds me of a scene from Mr. Bean's Holiday. ;)

What a fun night with friends!