Monday, August 29, 2011

Coming soon...

Camping pictures coming soon! 
I took so many pictures that I'm overwhelmed, and can never find the time to sit down and wait for them all to download.
Seriously, I am working on it. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Horse of Course

I went over to Prineville on Wednesday. I stayed at the Hehn's until Friday and came home last night. They've been horse sitting for a friend of ours for awhile. We got to ride the horse a couple of times while a was there, and it was So Much FUN! Yesterday afternoon Cassey and I went out, to saddle Monte up, and take him for a ride down their lane to check the mail. 

First we went out to saddle him up. We had to go over by the steer and bring him up to the gate. 

We couldn't remember exactly how to tie the knot on one of the straps. We tied it the way we thought was right, pulled on it to make sure it was tight enough, and off we went.

This is me excited to get going. :)

I forgot how much fun it is to ride a horse!!

He was a good horse, but once we got onto the lane, and he saw the big hay field, that was the only direction he wanted to head. It took a few tries, but we finally got him going towards the end of the lane, and the mailbox. :)

Cassey's turn!

Here we are heading happily down the lane. We took turns riding and we rode him through the sprinklers. We all (yes, even Monte) loved getting cooled off by the water. :) 

On the way back we were passing the spot in the road were there are about 3 or 4 big puddles. I could feel the saddle slipping a little, before we reached them. I told Cassey I thought I was leaning a bit to the right, but not to bad. She said, "Ok, let's just make it past these puddles and then we'll stop and you can jump down and we can tighten the knots." Ok, sure. So, we kept going, and with every step I could feel myself sliding with the saddle. We were just past the puddles when I thought, "Ouppp... here I go..." And, in slow motion, I slipped slowly off, onto Cassey and we both fell, laughing to the ground. 
Haha, I'm glad we didn't get stepped on, but as I look back it's quite funny. :) 

Hehe, we weren't to thrilled with the idea of riding sidesaddle the rest of the way home. *Wink, Wink*. 

It took us a few tries and some help from Dr. Hehn to get it back on. This was just not our day with saddles. I guess we need to be reminded on how to tie that one knot. :)

We never did check the mail.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This is the swing that never ends.... ok. That was lame.

Please do me three favors:
1. Pardon the lame title. 
2. Watch this awesome video!
and 3. What was three again?...

One word.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Swing Dancing!!

I have been taking free swing lessons downtown, with some friends, for the last couple weeks. It's been our new favorite thing to do together. Pretty much all the youth from our church is obsessed. :) So, this week we decided that after class we should all come up to our house and dance.... and dance and dance and dance. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! :)

We set up the carport with neat lights. Well, I should say Brock set up the lights. It was my idea, but Brock worked really hard, and it turned out great!

The 1st part of this video is the week we first learned to swing dance. The friends who had gone to the 1st class were teaching us after English Country Dancing. (They usually turn on swing music afterwards...) Anywho, we are all getting ''lessons''. :) The last part is this week when we danced at our house. 

(Sorry about the light bubble on your head Katie. I think there was a smudge or maybe.... hey. The light caught you're beautiful face. It's a halo. :)



I'm going to start a new something rather. :)

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

This is Dawson on the backpacking trip he, Brock and Dad took last weekend with some of the other guys from church. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drivers ED is over!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth a lot more then that. :)

How many words are there for Over?
"Drivers ED is Over".
No more.
A thing of the past.

Now, how many words are there for Happy?
"I'm so Happy that Drivers ED is over".

It was a good experience, and I am now able to get my drivers license sooner, but still...

I'm HAPPY it's OVER.


Sci-fi Ball

Saturday was the Sci-fi ball! 

At 4.30 I went over the the Humlies to get ready. Bre, Katie, Bethany and I all had fun getting ready together. At 6 (when the ball started) we were all ready to go and waiting for the boys. Haha, I just had to put that in because sadly that NEVER happens. The guys are always waiting for us. So we were, very patiently mind you, telling them to hurry up. :) 

Here we are right before going inside.
Manny and Joshua- Men in Black, Bethany- Princess Leia, Bre- a character or something from Star Trek...I know nothing about that...:), Katie- a galactic warrior??, and Me- I have no clue. Something to the affect of a sci-fi princess or queen. I really don't know. ;)

Bethany and Manuel being bored while we're deciding what to do. Swing dance or go home?? Umm... *squints eyes in a 'duh' look*... let's go with  swing dance.

And so, to end the night, we all went to the Humlie's and did some fun swing dancing in their backyard. Of course, what other logical thing was there to do? :)

The End.