Wednesday, February 29, 2012

p.s. it's leap day.

It's leap day. 
Did you leap today?

February 29th comes only once, every 4 years. We treat it so special and celebrate when it comes, when really... we should be treating everyday special. Thanking God for the time He's given us. 

Leaping into the unknown requires faith, but sometimes it takes much more courage to jump when you KNOW what's waiting for you. 
So let's treat everyday special. We only get it once!

So, did you leap today? 

my child, my princess.

being a princess,
but not wanting to be.

"She was rich. And beautiful. Loved and cared for. As the daughter of the King, she had everything a little girl could want. Except... she felt trapped. She wanted all the fun she saw in the eyes of ordinary children who played in the streets beneath her. So, disguising herself as a peasant girl, she sneaks off into their world, hoping to find the one things she feels she lacks~ her freedom. 

But what will she see when she looks through the eyes of a runaway? Can a King's daughter ever be happy pretending she's not?"

Stay tuned for the story about a young princess who grows tired of palace life, enchanted by the fun and freedom enjoyed by those on the outside. But despite her best attempts at being "just like them," she discovers that freedom comes at a cost for a child of the King". 

If you've ever wished you were someone you're not, run away for a moment with the Princess and see what she learns. 

Open your eyes again to the love of the King and the life of your dreams~ the life he promises to every child, every princess, who calls Him Father. 

(Story by: Beth Moore). 

Monday, February 27, 2012

it amazes me.

It amazes me how the small things are the things that can make either make our day.... or not.

For example. Don't you hate those days when:

-you're date with a friend was canceled.

-you can't find a pencil.

-when you do find it, the tip breaks off every time you try to sharpen it.

-your jeans aren't done in the dryer.

-the shower was ice cold.

-they keep playing the song that you hate on the radio.

-the internet decides to freeze.

-you have a hang nail.

-the dvd from the library is scratched.

-someone ate the last of the cereal. 

-you're sore from a run.

-your tooth paste gets a hole in it. 

-you drop the laundry basket full of all the clothes you just folded. 

Isn't it terrible how we let these little things get to us?? I've been learning to thank God for things that I wouldn't normally thank him for. It's been really hard to remember that He cares about all the little things happening in my life. But, He's our Father, and He loves us so much. It's a crazy love that is so hard for me to comprehend. He is so powerful and all-knowing.... and He loves US! Don't you think He deserves our thanks?? So, let's remember to thank Him for the big things, but also for all the little blessings we wouldn't normally think to thank Him for. 

Such as: 

-a surprise coffee date with a friend.

-finding a pencil.

-...a pencil with a nice new tip and eraser.

-dry jeans.

-a warm shower.

-a radio in the car.

-high speed internet (for blogging!). ;)

-nail clippers.

-movies from the library.

-cold cereal.

-massage trains.

-a new tooth paste tube.

-clean laundry.

Big or Small, good or bad. Let's make a point to watch our attitudes. When you smile and don't get ticked off easily.... it's contagious!.... and others will catch on. :)

Let's encourage each other to thank God.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His mercy endures forever". 
Psalm 107:1

"Shout triumphantly to the LORD, all the earth.

Serve the LORD with gladness;
come before Him with joyful songs.

Acknowledge that the LORD is God.
He made us, and we are His —
His people, the sheep of His pasture.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving
and His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him and praise His name.

For the LORD is good, and His love is eternal;
His faithfulness endures through all generations".
Psalm 100


Sunday, February 26, 2012

the twenty-third psalm.

Psalm 23

A psalm of David.

 1 The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. 

 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, 
he leads me beside quiet waters, 

 3 he refreshes my soul. 
He guides me along the right paths 
   for his name’s sake. 

4 Even though I walk 

   through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil, 
   for you are with me; 
your rod and your staff, 
   they comfort me.

 5 You prepare a table before me 
   in the presence of my enemies. 
You anoint my head with oil; 
   my cup overflows. 

6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me 

   all the days of my life, 
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD 

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm going to Zambia! 
In August a group from my church is heading down to Zambia, Africa. We're going to be working with a ministry called Love's Door (Love's Door website). We will be doing a number of things including building homes for villagers, orphan care, and witnessing. Please pray for us as we follow God's call to spread His Word to the least and the lost. :)

This morning we had our first fundraiser. We sold Krispy Kreme donuts in the parking lot of our local Walgreens. We started out small since this was our first time and sold about 40 dozen. It was fun, but FREEZING. The sun couldn't decide if it wanted to stay out or hide it's warming rays behind the clouds.  It played hide-and-seek all morning. ;) It was a long morning. Six hours of holding signs in the rain, shivering, laughing, talking, taking pictures, informing people of our trip, taking donations, and then shivering some more, was tiring.....but, we had a blast. There will be many MANY more awesome fundraisers to come, this spring and summer. Please tune in for updates on when and where the following fundraisers will be held. =)

So, all that to say....


P.s. Yes, I know they are waving signs at an empty road. That is what makes this picture so funny. 
.... this is the part where you laugh. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

true talent.

Have you ever been to a talent show? You know, where there's 30 1st-12th graders who are all sharing with you, their talents. Their talents on the recorder, or their special talent of making origami cranes, or their talent lip-syncing to Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA", and oh yes. Their dance moves that were choreographed in their living room. 
A few acts are actually good, but you're main reaction is...

But, trust me. Going through a night of that is much better then going through a night of this guy.

Click Here!

happy birthday dear mommy and daddy.

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

swing it.

A couple of weekends ago we had a swing night up at the Blanchards barn. 

I was able to throw an outfit together, and it was so much fun to wear!

Joelle watched me get ready and snapped a couple of pictures. 

The dress was $10 at goodwill.
I had the headband.
The (long) necklace is 2 of my mom's necklaces put together. 

I made the choker. 
I found the fur coat under my mom's bed. 
Dawson't made the cigarette.
I put on some red lipstick, and stuck a few feathers in my headband. 

The purse is from Mexico. (My souvenir from our mission trip. It's an oxi-moron, I know). ;)

You can't see my shoes here, but they're red flats with a bow. ;)

Brock was over at the Humlie's, all afternoon, picking out outfits with Manny. (They also got a coffee.... SCARY???) He ended up looking like a 1920'd golfer. Haha. 
They all looked so great!

Here we are right before leaving. 
The bow ties looked very 20's. They did such a good job at picking out their outfits... and with zero help from any of us girls (which is usually the case). I was so proud! *tear* ;)

And here is the last picture before my camera.... sadly.... died. 

 The rest of the night consisted of dancing, dancing....and more dancing. Not all swing dancing, I must confess. Somewhere during the evening the boys got tired of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, and turned on something a little more "upbeat". Although, Sing, Sing, Sing, is pretty up beat if you ask me me! But, anyways, all in all it was a fun night that ended with a movie and dancing..... 
....on the Kinect. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

from me to you.

Once again, life has happened. 
A busy weekend jam-packed with friends, food, a concert, babysitting, Saturday market, a sleepover, a movie night, church and bible study all account for a badly neglected blog. 
I would like to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day! 
Late... I know. 
My valentines this year were a bit out of the ordinary. I found a really cute idea on a friends blog and ran with it! Here are a few photos of my "Heart Bouquet", and a taste of my Valentines Photoshoot. :)

My mom's room made a wonderful makeshift studio. 
This picture was taken in front of her closet doors! 

I hope you all had a blessed Valentines Day, and made a point to spread a little love. ;)
Happy Valentines from me... to you. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the piano guys.

My friend showed me this song. 
I would say, "watch it all the way to the end", but once you start you'll know... watch it all the way to the end? But, incase you have no appreciation whatsoever for music and would even consider turning it off before it's over.... let me calmly inform you to... 
Especially the first one. 

Wasn't that great?!
I'm totally doing that and the end of my next epic song. ;)

My mom and I were sitting here the other day watching this next video. We have decided that the cello dude is a homeschooled, only child, and the piano dude (the bald guy) is his (only) friend who lives next door and comes over sometimes to play (music. ya.... fuuuun...) Hehe, that's why he's so good, and in like all his videos (that don't have the bald guy in them) there are like 15 clones of himself. :) Profound. I know. I'm homeschooled. 

This next video really proves my whole "only child" idea. 

So, now you have been introduced to the Piano Guys. 
If you want to see more videos just go to youtube/piano guys.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

as promised.

Here are the pictures from our photo-shoot, as promised. :)

"Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about?

It just makes me feel so glad to be alive-- it's such an interesting world.

It wouldn't be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it?

There'd be no scope for imagination then, would there? 

~Anne of Green Gables